App Recomendations

Short reviews to follow:

Time Wasting FTW:

Remote control and find your tablet when lost, bloody useful. Set it up!

A handy collection of tools

A good calendar app, its the one I use but is quite expensive.

Use full M$ Office via the cloud. Works online only but is very useful

Evernote. Never leave home without it.

Direct sync of folders from most cloud services to your Android. Keep things in sync for easy media use

Share your location when your travelling, might be less useful on a tablet.

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BEst looking social app around, and multi user video chat too 

Coll demo app, very fun

Ask me how to get access tot he full online version so you can upload 20k music tracks to the cloud

Good picture viewer, multiple online accounts like picasa, deviantart, facebook etc

Much nicer voice for your tablet to speak with

Pressure sensitive multi touch art.. awesome

My preferred eBook reader, I have used them all. Cloud sync via dropbox, Calibre support, full customisable

Mind mapping

Funky drawn maths tool:



Check your PC status fromt he tablet, reboot patch etc, all free for3  PC's


Plex, share your media via the web, view anywhere your online. Bonus: share content with me too, and I might give access to my 1.6Tb vid share

super dim your screen for night reading

Timed mute,


Best file browser so far, cloud services, FTP, file shares, share phone t phone too. very clever.

CO-Op party playlits

The Best keyboard around

Holy fuck its Tasker. this app kicks ass. Automate and control EVERYTHING!!

Remote control your PC from your chair. or the Bus.

Free calls to other Viber people

Handy unit and currency converter

Remote control your torrent client, easy to set up.

Download torrents TO your tablet.

A bit flakey, but a free grooveshark client.

good home wifi tool 

Send SMS from your tablet, via an android phone. Bonus, Free SMS to anyone else also using Mysms

How to fix anything.

Good video player

Word Lens   Mobile live translation - beta at the mo but get the demo, it's awesome

Le Menu   In France? Don't understand the dishes on the menu?

This is cool... Text messages turn up on your PC and you can reply from the PC as well

Led Scroller Ultimate - Communicate across a crowded room - order you drink from the guy at the bar?

Ideal Magnifier - Want to make things look bigger?

BBC IPlayer - Nuff Said, but make sure you're on WiFi!

Train Sleeper - Ever fallen asleep on the train and missed your stop?
Trackpack - Find out where your parcel is

Songbook - A live, scrolling autocue for Musicians

Car Home Ultra.  The best car
Mode app

And Camralert.  Definitely worth 20 quid a year for the best speed camera warning App